Thursday, September 05, 2019

Titanium MikroStiks

Hi Everyone,

I'm back!

Wow, what an amazing summer this has been. I still can't believe it's almost over though since time has flown by so fast....but here in the Northeast the air is starting to get a familiar early morning chill, the days are suddenly not as hot and we're losing precious daylight minutes at a rapid clip. We don't have any leaves showing color yet, but it's only a matter of time. Four short weeks from now we should be in peak foliage season.

Even though I've been quiet as a mouse for the past few weeks, work on projects has steadily continued. I've been quite busy the whole time grinding tools, creating new drawings, tumbling, sanding, anodizing tools and tying strings. The difference this summer compared to past ones is I've also been playing guitar, working out (Google the awesome little Pocket Monkii), gardening and cooking every single day, and going to several music events every week. I've even messed around with some acrylic paint and canvases. So my days have been somewhat mixed up, jam packed with both work and play, and we've super charged our social life this summer. Good times!

As I mentioned, the projects have been rolling along and I have a ton of stuff coming up this fall:

Steel Metric Mini Prybabies and new steel Atwrenches are both on the bench, still awaiting finish grinds and final decorations. But they are close to being sent out to heat treat.

A couple of older projects have been resurrected and are nearing completion, such as titanium TightWads, and a second small batch of rough cut steel tools has been rescued, although they are not Mini Shiners this time but rather a little tool called the Wrant that I never released.

I decided to revisit a very old design, the Ring Tool, and two completely new versions of that will be coming up in a rather novel new material. I'm finding these new Wring Tools to be highly addictive fiddle toys btw... A new small key fob design is coming, several long overdue batches of fluted beads, more kitchen magnets, a high quality kitchen clip design, zirconium Hangmen, an updated older tool in titanium, new Tiny Tims but with a twist and several other goodies.

Today I have a fancy little item, Titanium MikroStiks. These tiny 2.5 inch long tools are perfect for small and delicate poking, cleaning and prying tasks where a sharper pin tool would be too pointy and sharp. A versatile tool, it is excellent for fine renovations, small delicate repairs, cord and knot work or for pipe smokers looking to clean their pipe...these are heavily stamped with a wide variety and many combinations of images as usual, and most are contrast anodized with bright colors. There are also a few without anodizing for the vanilla lovers, just email me and I'm happy to hook you up.

I find that the MikroStiks pair well with any of my beads, and it's easy to tie a cord to them and use the bead as a sheath if you want to pocket carry these without poking yourself. They carry just fine on a key ring mixed in with your keys too though, especially Hangman style carry...also, you will note the center hole which provides for a tie in finger loop point for those who like to play with minimalist defensive tool ideas.

The Titanium MikroStiks will run $50 plus shipping and the link to purchase is just above the picture below. Thanks for dropping by today and I hope your summer has been super fun as well.

Sold out, thank you! There will be plain steel ones coming later this fall too...

Tie on a cord and any bead (you all have tons of beads I bet, haha!) and you have this nifty little carry option:



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