Friday, December 22, 2017

Hypno Coins!

Hi Folks,

Dark and brooding skies here today and we're expecting a few inches of snow later on. Good day for a super quickie sale or two...

Today I have a tiny batch of special titanium Spin Coins. These have a milled spiral in the bottom which gives the classic "Hypno" tunnel effect when spinning. These are so much fun and the two tone anodizing really heightens the effect. Crazy cool stuff!

I have just 13 of these little gems today, all a little different. There is another bit larger batch of ti Game Coins with similar spiral milling which will be coming later this winter as well.

The Hypno Titanium Spin Coins will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thank you for visiting today and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Hypno Coins are gone, thanks again everyone!


Brent Li said...

I missed it. Merry Christmas! Peter

Randall said...

Hello Peter.

Perhaps ypu could make a game coin with 4 90 degree hash marks. Between each mark would be a specific hebrew letter: gimmel, het, nun, shin. This would essentially be a high end Hanukah Dradle. The way the game is played is everybody puts a piece of Gelt (chocolate coins) in the pot and players take turns spinning. If a player gets gimmel he gets the whole pot. If a player gets het he gets half the pot. If a player gets nun hothing happwns and if a player gets shin he must toss another piece of gelt in the pot. It is a very ancient game beloved in the Jewish community. If you dont have any gelt laying about it can be played with any small candy like imdividually wrapped carmel, chocolate, lifesaver or m&m. Put a full swoed stamp in the middle.

John said...

Dangit missed it by |____________->| that much! :-D

retrosurfer1959 said...

Wsorry i missed these this is amazing work peter nice

Unknown said...

Remarkable piece of engineering!