Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wroidy Steel Wrunts!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! It's getting kind of raw out there this week, overcast skies and the air is starting to get that cold weather bite. Typical November weather. I have a sinking feeling I know what's coming next...

Well, the steel Wrunts have come back from heat treat at last and I've been busy with final finishes and sorting them. There are 5 different flavors here, all in fairly small batches. We'll start with the SAE ones first.

Today I have the SAE steel Wrunts completed. These are CPM 154 steel, and at .220 inches thick they are just shy of 1/4", so they certainly qualify as members of the "Wroid" series. They weigh in at 31 grams so they are hefty little guys, that's for sure. The raw bar mill texture varies but is fairly heavy on most of these which is why I elected to preserve it, heavier on the front side and lighter on the reverse side. And a second, smaller wave of these with smooth surface ground finish is waiting in the wings.

The CPM 154 Steel Wrunts will run $70 each plus shipping and it's a one per customer limit on them as the batch is small. Thanks for stopping by today and hope your week is terrific!

Raw Bars are gone, thank you so much!



Andy Batfish said...

Hi Peter,

These look great.

You mentioned 5 flavours including this raw roid SAE version and a smooth surface ground finish version. What are the other three versions you have planned please?

Thank you.


Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Andy!

Raw bar SAE
Smooth SAE
Raw Bar Metric
Smooth metric
17-4 ph stainless steel SAE

Jim said...

Looking forward to that 17-4! Have you worked with that a lot Peter? I don't recall it in your posts.

retrosurfer1959 said...

Gotta liv3 the wroidy wednesday wrunts lol - thanks peter a almost oerfect pocket tool

The Dieckey said...

Bummer, i thought for sure I'd be on top of it enough to snag one of these!