Monday, February 20, 2017


Happy Monday Folks,

We're getting a nice reprieve from Old Man Winter here this week. It will be in the 40-50F range for most of the week which will result in much melting of snow I'm sure. That strengthening sun sure does feel nice and it always brightens my mood too.

I had a very productive weekend and managed to get some vital work done. I don't have much to report on the tool front, but I did get some bead batches moving along nicely. And I was able to finally finish up polishing all those LongShot cups...the company that does the passivation process for us is a plating house in Springfield and, as with most platers, they are notoriously hit or miss as far as sending jobs down there. The Wee Drops were in very nice shape when I got them back but these LongShots, different story. It looked like some low paid jerk simply dumped the whole batch in a tank and then stirred. There were many many rub marks and small scratches on them and it took me over a week of picking away to buff them back up so that they are once again presentable. I still have two or three dozen that need a bit more finish work but I finally threw in the towel as I have plenty ready for a sale today. It's infuriating when this sort of thing happens but not at all surprising. Years ago I would have been totally livid but these days I just sigh in resignation and get to work fixing everything...what can you do?

So today I have the beautiful LongShot cups done. These are turned from 303 stainless steel and they hold exactly 1 fluid ounce of liquid. I love the taller proportions of these cups and it's a shape that I have wanted to do since the beginning of the shot glass project several years ago. A "Shooter Cup". Fun stuff and definitely one of my favorites of the whole shot cup series.

The LongShots will run $70 plus shipping and it's a nice big batch. So it will be a limit of 4 per customer, same as the Wee always, I thank you all for popping in today and I hope your week is shaping up to be a very productive one.

Sold out for today, thank you so much folks!




Jim said...

Woohoo! I was sad when I missed the Wee Drops a couple weeks ago. These are beautiful!

Sandy said...

Peter..LOVING the shot glasses. Thanks so much!!

Wm3. said...

I always just miss these offerings! Is there any way to set up alerts or is it just a peek-a-boo by chance on a daily basis? Lol. I have been waiting for these tall shots!

Geoff said...

Long shots are beautifully executed. And they nestle perfectly inside my Tipplers! Peter, do you have any plans for a larger "sipping" style cup in the future?

Peter Atwood said...

Thank you so much everyone! Glad to hear folks are enjoying the new shots.

Geoff, no plans at the moment, only because I have a very full plate. More interesting and unusual turned objects are coming up in the next couple of weeks.