Monday, January 23, 2017

Copper Multi Grips!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope the 2017 winter is being kind to you all. It's actually been sort of mild here lately and not too hard to take this year, especially when the sun comes out. As long as we don't get any prolonged cold snaps or power outages I'll be pretty happy.

There's very little to report project wise...lots coming up though over the next two weeks so I'll be shifting gears from designing new stuff to doing finish work, packaging, photos, etc. It can be tricky at times to juggle it all when you're a one man show and everything takes twice as long as you think it will.

Today I have some new Multi Grips with rifle knurl done, this time in lovely tellurium copper. This material is very reactive to oxidation and it is already starting to build patina after just two days. These will become a rich warm brown eventually with bright copper highlights on the edges that get wear and handling. You can hasten the patina process in a sealed container by exposing to cooked egg yolk or other sulfur containing substances over night. Once darkened, allow to dry and then buff with a polishing cloth to shine up the edges and create contrast.

The Copper Multi Grips will run $30 plus shipping and I'll stick a limit of 3 per customer on this first wave. I have a few more on the way though for a future sale or for anyone who wants to email me. Thanks for dropping in today, and stay warm my friends.

Sold out for today, thanks again everyone!


retrosurfer1959 said...

These look great. But a comment on the patina with eggs use the whole egg for best color, the Hydrogen Sulfide is what colors the copper and it is actually higher in egg whites than in the yolk. So if you use the whites you'll get darker and more colorful patina (I just use a whole egg). Also make sure the egg is really hard boiled not soft boiled at all that prevents the patina almost completely. I am a jewelery artist and have done this hundreds of times. Another houshold chemical that patinas copper well is ammonia! Fumes turn a brown tint splashes turn green.

Peter Atwood said...

There you go, perfect! :)