Friday, December 09, 2016

Fancy Wiener Dogs!

Hi Folks,

Well it's starting to get chilly here this week as the Big Freeze moves in on us. Next week there will be days when it doesn't get above 20F so it's turning quite cold indeed. Good time to get moving on winter projects.

You'll be glad to hear that I got some grinding done this week. There's still a lot more to do but I'll keep at it. I really want to get one or two more steel tool projects done before the end of the year. The new K4 ti Keytons are also nicely prepped out and next up for grinding. There's a very good chance I will get them done this year too. 

In other news, some lathe turning is underway at long last and a project that I have been dreaming about for the past year is finally going to happen... Something new in the stainless steel shot glass department! There may be one variation of the new vessel as well, so possibly two new designs are on the way, both of which will perfectly complement the existing lineup. I will certainly keep you posted. And there is a good possibility that they will be ready to go before Christmas.

Today I have the last of the titanium Wiener Dogs finished. These are done up with my fancy two tone contrast anodizing in a wide variety of color combinations. They are quite nice I think and sure to please fans of vibrant colors. Just the sort of thing to cheer you up on the darkest days of the year.

The fancy ti Wiener Dogs will run $70 plus shipping and it's a fairly small batch so one per customer on them please. Thanks for stopping in today and have a great warm weekend ahead!

Sold Out, thank you everyone!


JP said...

PAYPAL😖😖😖 won't login from a cellphone! 1 luck break checking the blog and miss a sale, thanks PAYPAL.
Venting over happ holidays

Peter Atwood said...

There's still maybe a half dozen left including lefties, please email me and I'm happy to hook you up! Thanks. :)

Geoff said...

I'm really excited about the SS shot glass news. The Tippler/Bigshot are what brought me to Atwood in the first place, and I can't wait to see the new developments. Keep it coming Peter!