Friday, July 29, 2016

SAE Tombstones

Hi Everyone,

Happy hot and hazy Friday to you all! It's been in the 90's F here and a little humid. Could be much worse though...we're hoping for some relief in the form of rain but little has fallen lately...Anyhow, today seems like it is a good day to stay inside and slip in another sale.

Lots more new drawings have been coming to me lately. I had two really nifty ones last week and both tools are already underway. I don't where I get all these ideas, but I have had two more again just this week. One of them is a definite go, and I'm still thinking about a couple of others as well. I can tell you that some pretty interesting stuff is on the way this year and hopefully more new ideas will keep coming to me. 

Today I have the rest of the CPM 154 V notch Tombstones done. These are the SAE version with wrench sizes 1/4-7/16. Otherwise they are identical in every way to the previous metric version below.

I didn't make it clear the other day but a generous 30 inch length of stainless steel bead chain is included which can be cut down a little if needed. 27 inches is really the minimum length for a bead chain so you can slip it easily over your head. Or you can stick the Tombstone on your keyring and it will blend right in with your keys.

The SAE Tombstones will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. It's not a huge batch so one per customer on them please. Thanks everyone and please do have a great rest of the week. Hope you're staying hydrated and cool!

Tombstones are gone for today. Thanks everyone!


Geoff said...

Glad to obtain a tombstone! I passed on the metrics the other day and now I'm really glad I waited. SAE! SAE! SAE!

Unknown said...

My morning routine involves opening several websites, including this one, in different tabs. After I'm done with each website, I move onto the next. By the time I got to this one, I saw a purchase link for the first time in my life. Of course, it was too late. Lesson learned! Open Planet Pocket Tool first!

Chris said...

Made it through Paypal, and when I returned to the Atwood page they were sold out!
Really hope I made it on time!!!

Richard said...

Missed another... Is the time stamp on this eastern?

Fantasm said...

when is the next batch of whatever coming out? I'm always missing out. Bummer!

Peter Atwood said...

Hi, please just drop me an email. I always have plenty of stuff in stock and am happy to hook you up anytime.