Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Polished Ragman!

Howdy Folks and Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Thanks to everyone for the very kind words lately about all my recent creations, it's much appreciated.

Spooky cool weather yesterday, reminded me of's going to get pretty hot this week though. Still not more than a drop of rain lately and everything is looking a little parched outside.

Today I have the remaining plain krinkle textured titanium Ragman tools done. These have a bright, slightly polished finish to them and they feel buttery smooth. I think this is my favorite batch yet and I'll be exploring this new finish a lot more and not just on ti tools.

The Ragman is great to carry a rag, pocket hanky or wiping cloth. Or if you just want to use them on your key ring, they are terrific for getting your keys off the bottom of your pocket. Makes a key ring so much more comfortable for EDC, especially with the way you guys load them up! :)

The plain Ragman hooks plus included Atwood Rag will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks again everyone and have a super relaxing rest of the weekend!

Gone for now, thanks everyone!


elphant888 said...


SportsMedMan said...

I would love one if they are still available.

SparkleSquash said...

they go so fast!

Easy Wind said...

Oh so very sneaky firing up an old link! Looking forward to this one.

Liam said...

Happy 4th everyone!

Unknown said...

Bummer, I missed it again. That would have made myself a nice birthday gift.

Peter Atwood said...

Andy, just email me, I still have a few more left. And Happy Birthday! :) Thanks.