Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wiener Dogs!

Hi Everyone,

Well, that merry old trickster Mother Nature gave us another blast of winter this week and laid a thick  blanket of that pesky white stuff on the ground. With the frigid temperatures the snow will be hanging around for a few days but I think by next week we will be free and clear...well on our way to warmer and sunnier days ahead.

I don't have too much to report as far as projects go. I've been catching up on paperwork for taxes and thinking about taking a few days off this month as soon as the nicer weather arrives for good...but I keep chipping away at it all so rest assured, lots of new goodies are on the way.

Today I have the second tool done in the Little Jimmy series. These cute little guys are called "Wiener Dogs", simply because of their long skinny nature. They are about the same length as the original Little Jimmy, 3.5 inches long, and are made of the same .200 thick krinkle texture titanium. The Wieners replace the rounded pry/push tip of the LJ in favor of a combination cap lifter and 5/16" open wrench and offset screwdriver/extra leverage pry tip borrowed from the 2015 Hatchling design. This style gives the tool a little more versatility and function as well as a nice grippy head to grasp on a key ring. I think they look very cool and I've really enjoyed testing these on my own keys these past couple of weeks.

The first wave of Wiener Dogs will be in a plain non anodized finish for a change instead of my usual anodized colors. Lots of people have request plain textured ti tools recently so I will split this batch up and offer them both ways. The anodized half of the batch will be coming in a week or two but today all I have finished are the plain ones. Let me repeat that: I have ONLY non colored ones finished right now, haven't started anodizing the others yet. :)

Wiener Dogs will run $65 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping in everyone and I hope your week is shaping up to be a great one!

Plain ones are sold out, thanks again everyone, much appreciated!  


Unknown said...

Got one!! Thanks Peter, these look super cool bro!!

HighSpeedTROUBLE said...


Jim said...

Looks really interesting Peter!

Jim said...

Any reason for the hump on the back half of the tool?

Geoff said...

Wish I would have caught this sale, those look great. Peter, is that a Boulevard Smokestack I see under the cap lifter? If yes I'm glad to see our KC beer is making it's way out east!

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Everyone!

Geoff, it's a Tank 7. One of my favorites. :)

Jim, it's just the design.

John said...

Shazam! ...and missed it again!