Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fancy Stamped Nibbles: SUSale

Hi Folks,

Hope you all are having a nice relaxing weekend! The holidays are often a bit stressful but it's also a great time of year and one that I look forward to. Spooky warm this year though.

So, how about something a little different? I was having fun when I stamped this batch of Nibbles and I went a little crazy on some of them. As I was doing the stamps it occurred to me that some of them seemed to tell a little story. Or maybe they suggested a phrase or perhaps a title to me.

Anyway, I finished the batch and sent them off to heat treat but I kept thinking about the multi stamped ones and those words kept running through my mind. So when they came back from HT and I finished them up I decided to put these aside and write a little something on each card. Some are pure whimsy and some are very descriptive, others are simple stream of consciousness and association; whatever came to mind in the moment. Kind of a performance art kind of thing I suppose...I hope you enjoy them!

There are a total of 24 of these and I will send you whatever I send you, they are all cool though.

The Fancy Nibble SUSale will run until 11AM Eastern Time so one hour. After that I will shut it down and pick the winners via random number.

These special multi stamped Nibbles will run $85 plus shipping and the Sign Up Sale link is below. If you have not participated in one of these before please do read the rules! There is a strict one entry per person and please make sure your email address is valid or I won't be able to contact you in the event that you are one of the winners.

Sign up is over and I will post the winner list shortly. Thanks so much everyone and have a great holiday week ahead! 

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules: Please Read!



Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Peter!

Unknown said...

Fun way to start a Sunday, thanks for doing this Peter!

Chris said...

Missed it by 8 minutes....

Art V said...

remove 29 please.. system acting funny.. added me twice

Unknown said...

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the chance Peter! Merry Christmas!

John said...

I can never have enough Atwoods!

...and I keep missing theze!