Thursday, February 05, 2015

Plain Titanium Roll Bars

Howdy Folks,

It's been cold and just a little snowy here lately as winter grinds on. Not much relief in sight either.

As much as I hate being cooped up in this type of weather I have to admit that it is probably good in the long run. Being bored at home removes a certain amount of distractions and it gives me a chance to work on new drawings. And I have sooooo much new stuff on the horizon both for this winter and well into the spring. I feel like a kid in a candy store and am just frustrated that it all can't happen at once. Better that it doesn't though because slowing things down gives me a chance to make sure that the ideas are really fleshed out to be all they should be.

Update on the rulers: The first one will be a tiny one and if all goes well on it I may have some finished in about a week or so. I have another ti tool in progress that I think will appear before the end of the month. For steel tools the progress has been much slower and I need to squeeze in some time for grinding. But there will be four brand new tools coming over the next three months and at least two reprises/updates to older designs. And possibly a couple more too depending on whether they perfect that cloning technology and make a few more of me. Hehe...

Well, today I have the remainder of the Titanium Roll Bars done. These are plain with no anodizing. The batch is very small so it will be one per customer on them please. The link to order is below. Thanks for stopping by today everyone and I hope your week is a warm and toasty one!

These are sold out, thank you so much everyone!


Unknown said...

Any chance there is one left somewhere? I seem to always miss your sales :(

MrDUDE42 said...

what is this for?