Monday, January 12, 2015

More Roll Bars with Rifle Knurl

Howdy Folks,

Today we're recovering from a somewhat nerve wracking but ultimately gratifying football weekend here in New England. The snow is falling steadily and I just heard the town plow go by...we're supposed to get at least 4 inches of the fluffy white stuff according to the weather forecast. Looks like a good day to stick around the house and do a little sale.
Today I have another wave of stainless steel Roll Bars with rifle knurl completed. They are $48 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping by today and hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Roll Bars are gone for now, thank you everyone!


Chris said...

Finally!!! Third time's the charm!

TrueKarma said...

How do folks use their Roll Bars? Any unique applications?

Easy Wind said...

TrueKarma this little gadget has proved to be most useful. Mine is currently loaded up with drafting tape as I do a lot of sketching and drafting. Today I have it hooked onto a ti G5 Prybaby and enjoy the simple combo. Hope to get one with rifle knurl next round.

Kris Bex said...

How did I miss these again?. Is there a way to get updates on the blog through email?

steve prue said...

I love mine - on a ring with my Shutter Bug and Cranky Man Press stamp for use on-set and EDC in my messenger bag. Perfect size loaded with gaff tape when my big roll isn't around or not handy.