Friday, November 07, 2014

Copper 5 Flutes with Diamond Knurl

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is having a fine week. It's damp and chilly here today with a slight chance of the dreaded white stuff in the forecast over the weekend. I hope it holds off for a bit because I still have more yard work to do before winter kicks in. Those oak leaves don't rake themselves I have discovered.

I'm finally making some headway on various projects and will get a bunch of items finished over the next couple of weeks. More Tombstones are underway but probably won't be completed until early December. The last of the stainless Tipplers are awaiting packaging. The Roll Bars are done and I just have to finish inspection and packaging on those. (What are Roll Bars? They are fancy spool type objects for holding EDC tape or other roll goods.) Those long promised and much delayed ti 5 flute beads are supposed to start turning next week, which is what I have been told every week for the past two months, grrr...also coming are some more ti Atwrenches and a few odds and ends from other earlier projects.

Today I have some sweet copper 5 Flute Lanslides with pin stripes and diamond knurl. It's fun to keep messing around with these designs and seeing what else you can do with them. The flat knurling adds yet another subtle tactile dimension and they look awesome on the Alien Green cord.

The Copper Lanslides with Diamond Knurl are $25 each plus shipping and the purchase link is below. Thanks for stopping in today and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sold Out, thank you so much!


Unknown said...

Once again good timing, and another fantastic looking 5 Flute Peter!
Thank you,

Unknown said...

any chance of these in brass or ti