Monday, August 25, 2014

Copper Terminators!

Hi Folks!

Happy end of summer...I can't believe it's almost over and September is looming. Summer is always way too short and this one has been especially cool and pleasant here in the Northeast. At any rate, I guess it's time for me to quit goofing off and get back to work.

Updates: Last week I sent off some new steel tools, the cute little Tombstones, to heat treat. Hopefully they will be coming back by the end of next week or so. Also coming up are some turned items...a big batch of 303 stainless steel Tippler shot glasses is underway and should be ready to go soon... perhaps at the end of this week or early next week depending on how long it takes to get them finished and packaged. Also on the schedule is a nice run of copper 5 Flute Lanslides, one of my all time favorites, newly updated in design and in a mega new size. Various other interesting items are on the way as well through the month of September.

Today I am pleased to bring you a batch of tellurium copper Terminators with my cool Satellite pattern. These are already developing an almost instant patina and will darken up nicely on your tool lanyards, zippers and gear bags. The more you handle them the better they will look! Fun stuff.

The Copper Terminators will run $30 each plus shipping and this is a good sized batch so no limit on the quantity for once. Thanks for stopping in everyone and have a great week ahead.

These are sold out for now, thank you as always everyone!


Unknown said...

Thank you Peter! These are going on everything I own.

ChiefKeefe said...

That was odd. I tried to buy 2 and it didn't go through on Paypal. So I tried to buy 1 and it didn't go through. Figured that they were sold out, but tried to buy 2 again and it went through. Maybe I got the last 2?

Unknown said...

Man I was hoping you were going to do one more batch of these in brass or copper. Just happen to check at the right time. Thanks!

Ondrej Zara said...

Cool, thanks, Peter!

By the way, how resistant are these copper terminators? Is it suitable to wear them on my keychain? Are they going to get scratched soon? What is the material toughness like?

Peter Atwood said...

Copper is soft and it will readily take on bumps, dents and scratches. But that is what will give it character as the low points gather oxidation and the high points will get rubbed away. That's what we call patina. :)