Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Titanium Terminators

Hi Everyone,

We're finally getting some decent spring days up here in the northeast and the snow is completely gone now. Looking forward to those April showers bringing us some May flowers and green lawns.

Things are going along very well this month and much progress is being made on all the projects that are underway. The 3v Mini Keytons should be back from heat treat later this week and three other steel tool projects are well in hand and moving forward including the Shutterbug photographer's tool. Some great stuff on the way this spring!

Today I finally have the first wave of rifle knurled titanium Terminator beads finished. These are gorgeous and I'm very happy with them! They are very light in weight compared to the previous bronze and copper ones...they will be plain and unanodized in this first release.

The special tooling, machining time and material costs were quite a bit higher for the ti Terminators so they will cost a little more, $30 each plus shipping, and once again I'll keep it at two per customer please. The purchase link for them is below. As always, thanks for checking in and hope your week is going great!

Ti Terminators are gone for now but more are coming shortly. Thank you!


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Sandman5656 said...

Thanks Peter! Anxiously waiting Keyton's! 😉