Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ti BitBuckets!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's been so slow this year but things are starting to pick up at last. I have a few small batches of items that I am finishing up now and then we'll be on to some bigger projects again.

Coming up in a week or so will be more ti Hangmen, this time in anodized colors. Also coming in February is a batch of ti Count Sporkulas. In addition, I am working on some new stuff so you can expect a brand new Lanslide design this winter as well as a new titanium tool. That's it so far but there are other ideas brewing as well so there's just no telling what might happen next. :D

Today I have completed the remaining titanium BitBuckets from last year's run. The batch is small so it will be one per customer and they run $60 plus shipping....the purchase link is below. Newbies: if you don't see the link right above the picture then that means they are all gone. Thanks for your patience everyone and I hope 2014 is treating you right so far. It's going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones...although since it's about 10F today those bones are sipping cocoa and wearing a sweater. :)
Sold Out, thank you so much!



tim said...

I was just wondering what happens to you.
Then i saw the link.
Good to start a new year like this way.

Unknown said...

It's the first time i can order, very happy :D

trevitrace said...

Hello, sir, glad to hear all is well. It's a balmy -8 (F and real temp) in my neck of Wisconsin, but I love this weather, so it's okay by me. I was wondering if the SSMT was still in the works or if Frankenslice filled those shoes. Thanks again, Peter.


Christopher said...

damn i missed it, but there are others on ebay, so it looks like I will have to bid on it there!

Unknown said...

I give up. It's too hard to buy anything here.

Tim said...

One quick trip to the store and I miss the first sale of the year!! Maybe better luck next time, I'm really wanting to get my hands on the hangman.

Unknown said...

So the people who want them are forced to go on eBay and pay more? Awesome. Might as well just sell to a dealer so people can get screwed.

G.j said...

Peter, can you comment on why you don't do many knife projects anymore. I started following you a few years ago after seeing the micro knives/ pry tools with the kydex sheaths. Haven't really seen anything like that since. Has your focus just changed to mostly keychain tools? Will we ever see a prything or bug out blade again?
Keep it real.

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks so much everyone!

On the Frankenslices: I have yet to complete more than a handful since the first release. I will continue to finish more and work off the original list for the coming months.

On other projects: I have made a lot of different items over the years and I eventually will make more sheath knives but honestly, I simply cannot make everything. I'm just a one man shop with too many things going on already.

Unknown said...

I finally managed to purchase one before they sold out!! It works great for storing pills as well (ibuprofen etc.). The erasers for a mechanical pencil fit perfectly and keep the pills from escaping.


Mr. Whippy said...

This was weird. I was finally getting around to reading the Russell Cutlery blog from 2007 and had just read the last post there. I clicked back to PPT and BOOM! A new sale thread! I was gobsmacked.

BTW, loved the archeology of the old plant.