Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FrankenSlice Winners List!

Well I am floored! Over 1100 entries, wow, absolutely amazing... Thanks you so much for the enormous response and interest in this tool. I am truly humbled and grateful. Looks like I will be needing to make a lot more of these...

Ok, here is the list. It will take a bit for me to send out all the emails so please be patient and check your spam filters too if your name is here and you did not get an email in an hour or so.

7    Antonio
31    UofKfan
102    Bruce Macgregor
128    JT2019
132    Zach Held
159    dga
172    762jack
197    Valpal1975
225    tsaraceno
248    Bull
269    andrew
309    YuppieMike
311    GGold
348    Jay kap
349    mlopez928
374    hudagai
404    mespineli
410    Euroazngal
418    Edouard
428    STLWill
429    Alex Napier
430    Hops McGee
443    Pmek5
455    Mad Max
522    NickNardone
538    BGTactical
561    n8
592    Avery D. Kerry
608    Airesz
611    VolleyballMom
638    Crazykat429
642    cktenders
695    jres11
696    Joe C.
711    Vik
715    syko
735    Matt B
736    nYxxfOnt
780    vtbilly
794    Phil The Preacher
848    tomah
863    Lauriek
885    GoBC
892    Rayfensive
944    fangtastic
963    Justin
977    Al-mu
982    Nursejane
983    Nivek
992    gOAD
1014    indianaman
1042    Lindsasaur
1066    fr20005
1122    jaggedx
1124    100ghostusmc
1132    PapaEd
1161    Chiuslick
1172    weaver

Thanks again everyone and have a great Thanksgiving!


trevitrace said...

At least rent won't be an issue this month. :) Thanks for the opportunity, Peter...here's to the next one!

ChiefKeefe said...

I had a feeling that today was the day. Thanks for making it a SUS even though I didn't win.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Peter!

Taz Dev NYs said...

Wow lost by 2 numbers. I don't even want to think how much these will go for now on the internet. Last time I checked your MSOPT was at 850.00. Get ready for this one. Thank and congrats to all.

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter,
Hope you and your family have a most blessed Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Man I missed it again, here's to your next run!