Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lefty Weevils SUSale

Howdy Everyone,

Sorry about that mixup yesterday, it just got away from me before I was able to shut the sale down. No worries though, there are tons and tons of new Ghosts on the way and I might even revisit the Gen 1 design again after I get through the Gen 2s...we'll see.

Today I have a little SUSale for you. These are lefthanded Weevils and these are the last of the Weevil batch. They have regular grinds and a stonewashed finish. The lefty Weevils will run $60 plus shipping and the sign up link is below. There are a total of 20 Weevils available. This is going to be a short sign up, let's call it one hour, and so it will be done at 3:30pm EST today, April 25th.

Thanks for stopping in everyone and have a great day!

Sale is over, will post the winners shortly. Thank you again folks!

List of Entries

Sign Up Sale Rules, Please Read!


Art V said...

Being lefty, hope to score one..

Tom Huynh said...

my first SUS! woohoo!

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter (from the southpaws out here ;) )

Unknown said...


emark said...

Lady luck, be kind. :)

HighSpeedTROUBLE said...

If you're going to keep having these sus things, I'm just grateful it's for tools I don't care for. :-)

I much prefer the randomness of just happening to catch an item when it's available.