Friday, March 16, 2012


Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day folks!

Hope you all are going easy and winding down from work as we head into a great early spring weekend. It's going to be crazy warm here all of next week so I'll probably be taking some days off to enjoy the weather....but in the meantime:

Today I have the remaining clear anodized aluminum Bigshots done. I decided to do a little run of them with Shamrock stamps for the occasion. The batch is very small, only a couple dozen, so it's a one per customer sale please. They will run $80 plus shipping and the link is below:

Sold Out, thank you so much folks!


Anonymous said...

Score! Thanks Peter!

mudtoy said...

this is awesome, I only saw a pic of the shamrock stamp the other day and thought, as I'm Irish how much I'd love one and now I've got one, cheers

Anonymous said...

Really cool Peter!! Just received my Alum BigShot last night, amazingly light next to SS BigShots and even my glass shot/small rocks glasses, great feel as well.

Was thinking Ti BigShot so hard forgot about Alum! Have you tried other colors of HA? or that trick where you heat up black HA until it turns a burnt orange.

QVolve said...

Aww, damn you March madness!!!

I absolutely would have gone for one of these if I wasn't watching my bracket take some serious damage.

My final 4 are still alive though!

Great work again peter!