Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Howdy Folks,

I'm slowly working on various projects and more tools should be on the way in the next day or two. I have another round of titanium Pests coming up in two new colors and more Wedgies are tumbling right now as I type this.

In the meantime, I have completed a bunch more of the stainless steel Bigshots. These heavy weights are some of the prettiest so far, the quality of the turning is absolutely superb. Bigshots run $75 each plus shipping and I set the sale up for maximum of two per customer. If you want more than two just email me and we can work out the shipping arrangements. Thanks for stopping by on this fine Wednesday afternoon, always appreciated!

Stainless are gone for now but more coming, thank you!


Unknown said...

Any chance of some of these with trit slots?

Hugo said...

I think I have wanted one of these about as much as I want a Dace. This is awesome! :)

vegassprky said...

Will there be any plain Wedgies in this next batch? Thanks for the update, Gary! :>)

Anonymous said...

Finally got me a bighsot to go alongside my tipler! This will make an awesome addition to my Atwood collection!
Thanks Peter!!

benben_stone said...

Happy to see I stumbled across the blog when a sale is in progress, but I was already fortunate enough to score two of these wonderfully crafted vessels in the last run.

Jump in on these guys, they have the ability to elevate a quiet tipple into a really enjoyable event!

rbobby1 said...

Finally! Is this a heavyweight Peter...hoping so?

Peter Atwood said...

Thank you so much folks!

Yes, these weigh in at 7.3 ozs each, nearly 1/2 lb!

No trit slots planned...Gary, due to troubles with the anodizing on this batch of Wedgies probably most of the rest of them will be plain.

vegassprky said...

Good for me but bad for someone else! Thanks for the reply Peter!! Gary :>)

Quagmire said...

Hi Peter,

I tried to order 2, but it wouldn't accept 2 as a quantity. So, I ordered 1 twice.


Tim Fargo