Monday, January 23, 2012

International Shipping Rates

Hi Folks,

Well I have some unwelcome news for my international customers...the US Postal Service has raised their Priority and Express Mail rates quite a bit recently. It now will cost $17 for Priority International and $35 for Express Mail. I'm sorry but these costs are out of my control and will be the new rates going forward. Thank you for your business and I hope that this will not deter anyone from purchasing but I understand it is getting expensive, especially on low ticket items. I'll have to look into the restrictions but maybe I can offer first class or something like that as an alternative to Priority International.


kai said...

International shipping has always made purchases just that little bit more difficult than I wanted them to be - it turns a $15 Lanslide into a $30 bead, and it's pretty hard to justify if you're just getting one item.

Personally, I'd be interested in something that's lower cost, even if it takes longer, as long as (and this is the clincher) it's got a tracking number.

I've found when shipping stuff from the USA to Australia, the type of postage has little effect on the time it takes to arrive here - it's generally around 10 days no matter what shipping method you pick. I've never been crazy enough (or desperate enough) to go with the International Super-Fast-Next-Day shipping however as it's way too expensive to test.

Have you looked at UPS and FedEx for better rates?

Murrrrrrrr said...

Does UPS do the "customs brokerage" rip-off in Australia like it does here in Canada? I refuse to ship UPS unless it is from Apple or Amazon who have things worked out with them.

Peter Atwood said...

UPS and Fedex are such a pain in the ass for international that I refuse to deal with them and their dozens of complicated forms. Plus, they are twice as expensive as USPS.

Murrrrrrrr said...

Twice as expensive, more paperwork and hassle. Case closed. ;-)