Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello Everyone,

It's a warm one today, still 91F degrees here and it reached a high close to 100F. At least it's not too humid or it would be intolerable. Anyway, I hope everyone is staying cool!

I'm working on a new flat tool in titanium and have the first wave ready to go. These are geared toward golfers and they're something that I have been talking about making for years but just never seemed to get around to the project. Recently I had started thinking about making a run of some sort of flat tool but didn't want to revisit my old designs. So I thought, why not revive the divot repair tool idea...and with a nudge from a couple of my customers who are avid golfers I sat down and did some drawings.

The Swinger is made of 6al4v titanium, a little over 3 inches long and about 1 inch wide. The thickness is .060 which is thin but not too thin...the tool still has a little bit of substance to it but is thin enough that it will slip into the dirt easily. The Swinger features a divot repair fork, a bottle opener and a simple light duty pry/scraper tip. You could probably use it as a club rest with a little jockeying. Even non golfers might find this a handy little backup piece for the wallet.

The first wave is anodized blue and I will follow this one with some plain unanodized ones and then maybe some more in different colors.

The Swinger is $45 plus shipping. Thanks as always for stopping by!

Blue One are Gone, Thank you! More on the way in other colors.


Ockfen said...

hmm tempting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking.
Perhaps I should take up golf now ;)

Indy Fab fan said...

i love blue titanium. what a cool little gadget. it's been years since i've golfed, but what the hey, i think i am stocking up early for Christmas.

ryan said...

Awesome idea. It will go with me to the links as soon as it arrives. Thanks as always for well thought out and quality items.

Murrrrrrrr said...

Christmas shopping for my boss -Done!

QVolve said...

Awesome Peter, love the design! These are what I've been waiting for, I hope you ano some in green!

Rick said...

Yay! Thanks for making these a reality. Probably most anticipated Atwood tool to date. ;)

The design is cool and the blue ano looks great. I'm looking forward to putting some use. Great gift for golfers too!

vegassprky said...

Now I know what The Swinger is! Makes me want to take up Golf! No thats not happening! Looks like a cool tool for the golfer! Would like to know what the other creations you are coming up with? Neat stuff Peter!!! Have a good weekend and hope its not too hot in Mass. for you Peter! Gary :>)

Jacob said...

I played golf today with my brother, and I actually don't have a divot tool in my bag! The swinger has my name all over it! I hate I missed this wave! I hope I can snag a plain or maybe another wave of ano blue.

I love the diversity with your creations Peter. As always, good job!