Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Larva Tools

Hi Folks,

Tough week this past week...a huge snow storm followed by another good sized storm followed by a miserable ice storm has kept me busy and sore. Sometimes I do wonder why I stay in New England. I've always heard that the bad winters build character but I can tell you I already have enough character for two people! :D

Anyway, I have another batch of Larva tools done. These are the plain ones with raw bar finish and are $45 each plus shipping. I will have more coming in the next day or so with stamps on them and then a rather large batch of brass whistles is nearly done and ready as well so lots of goodies are on the way.

Sold out, thank you!


Easy Wind said...

Ya don't want to miss this one!
Very useful in my studio where I needed strip a few canvas from frames.
Talk about ice. I used the Larva to break away the ice that had my storm door frozen shut. Super Tough little bugger!
More snow coming for Friday, Peter.

Noonan for Selectman: said...

Amen Easy. I used mine to clear ice from out of my gas fill door just the other day. This one is great, and I'm getting another.

QVolve said...

Sorry about the Pats Peter.
There's always next year!

I hate passing on a sale when I actually make one but the stamped Larvas sound great!

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

Agreed been brutal so far, not even February. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. This will make my day. Thanks Peter.

vegassprky said...

Looks really nice but have to pass on it, saving for The Dace!! Oh by the way its 61 here today! Sorry but I just had to bring that up!! Easy on your back Peter don't want to see you get laid up, would be no fun! Gary :>)

jodj said...

What a character

vegassprky said...

Peter sounds like you're getting snow again, hope its not too bad! Looking forward to the next goody that comes down the pipeline! Stay warm and safe, don't overdo! Gary :>)

Unknown said...

Got dumped on again. Already got a foot more than our yearly average and not even February yet. What a year we're having... USPS just delivered my Larva's, thanks Peter.

SLEEP3R said...

The good ole mailman just dropped off my larva today and it is one sweet tool. I can't wait to see what your new projects are gonna bring.