Saturday, December 11, 2010

Titanium Whistles

Hi Folks,

I've been working on whistles and Lanslides and first up are some satin finish titanium whistles. I have another round of these coming as well and will do some anodizing this weekend but these are plain satin today. They come on a keyring and are $95 plus shipping. is below. Thanks for stopping by and for your patience!

Plain ones are sold out, will do some anodized ones in a day or two. Thanks so much!


kangjin said...

titanium, bronze and brass. I think my whistle collection is complete!

Thanks Peter!

QVolve said...

I hate to pass on a sale, but bronze whistles and landslides are going to finish out my stocking stuffers this year.

Peter Atwood said...

I managed to get all these out to the PO yesterday afternoon! :)

Easy Wind said...

Anything coming up today?

Peter Atwood said...

Larva sometime next week, probably end of the week. I'm still waiting to get them back from heat treat, then will have to sort them, clean any that are spotted or stained, tie lanyards, package, etc.

Not sure, I'm tying knots for Lanslides right now while I watch football. :)

matt said...

Peter, my Seahawks are doing so bad I'd rather be here watching for Lanslides : )

QVolve said...

Doesn't it get boring watching the Pats roll through everyone? ;P

Welker and Graham are helping me win in my fantasy league, so that's good anyway!

Can't wait for the landslides, that's what I've been waiting for. Got all my glow powder for the flutes on the way!