Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Satin Lanslides with 5 Dot Pattern

Hey Everyone,

Next up are the 5 Dot Lanslides. I love the look of these, simple and elegant. There are quite a few of them and about half the batch is on blue cord and the other half on tan or brown cord. As always, thanks for stopping by. :)

These are gone for now, thank you!


villlaverde said...


Aaron said...

My favorite style yet. They look great Peter.

Indy Fab fan said...

bummed I missed these . . . would have been a nice accompaniment to the dot shot!

love the color schemes with the cords!

it is obvious that you are having (too much?!) fun with your work.

vegassprky said...

Peter, I think these are the best looking of the styles so far!!!! Can't wait for the gold ano dots!!!! Gary :>)

Anonymous said...

These beads remind me of those "pandora" bracelets that are all the rage among women around here.

They consist of a plain chain with assorted beads and charms. The catch is, they're sold separately and every lady gets to choose which beads to put on hers, as lucky charms or reminders of her life's milestones.

I wonder if I could make a man-jewelry version putting assorted lanslides on a titanium chain... I would call it "Man-dora" bracelet, LOL

Jerry said...

Dang, missed 'em.

Our grand daughter was born today, so I was away.

Peter, are more of these on the horizon?

Nils said...

love to see one with a slot for Tritium vial!

Nils said...

Not that I don't like these, I think these are my favorite!