Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whistles- SOLD OUT! Thank you!

I have so few of these left that I am limiting whistles to one per customer. That means one brass OR one stainless. Not one of each, only one period. I want to give folks a chance who have not been able to buy anything from me before. So I will refund any orders for multiples.

Sorry to be that way but these are the last of any variety of the stainless whistles and the last of the brass with diamond knurl whistles. Neither will be made again. I will have a few more brass with rifle knurl coming in January and then that is going to be close to it for whistles. Maybe a couple more titanium ones will straggle in too if I can find time to finish them.

So, what does this mean for the future of whistles from Atwood Tool? They are going to be discontinued. I have made over a thousand of them in the past five years and it's time to move on. The shop that turns them for me is a pain to work with, the whistles are very expensive to make (and the costs are going up) and it's just time to move on.


s4biturbo said...

thanks Peter! been wanting one of these for a while! great idea on the one per customer!!

hope you have a great new year!!

Anonymous said...

Dang, those went quick... :( Maybe someone tried to order multiples and I'll have a shot.

Anonymous said...

No more whistles, sadness. Peter do you have any 'glamour' shots of a brass diamond patterned whistles?

Anonymous said...

I can never manage to get one of these whistles. Hopefully I can get a riffle brass one in Jan(the one I wanted anyways). I sometimes wish Atwood would just throw everything on ebay. And then I wouldn't find out I have lost a race I didn't know started. But then I would probably end up complaining about the price, but at least it would go to the right guy and not some ebay scalper.

Anonymous said...

Try bladeart.... Maybe they can help you guys who didnt get one.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Peter,
You Rock the House

Unknown said...


thanks for somewhat limiting the ability of ebay scoundrels to just resale your items. I have been looking to get one your items for a long time and have never been able to get the magical "In Stock" while I was at a location where I could make use of my paypal account to purchase it. I hate to see that your items go on ebay the moment you sell them and then they fetch 2 or 3 times what you sold them for. As for me, I'll keep on hitting the main site and hoping to get the magical "In Stock" on something I want.

Anonymous said...

i personally think you (peter) should put 1/4 of your production on ebay. not everyone can check your site all the time. it will give more people a chance to get your tools. plus you can make more $$$. i personally cant afford ebay prices (your prices are resonable and i thank you for that) it would be the best of both worlds for you and your customers.

Anonymous said...

No, they don't belong on ebay. It's my understanding that Peter wants regular, normal people to be able to buy his products at reasonable prices.

Why don't you people just accept that? You don't NEED to be able to buy two or three of everything just so you can turn around and flip them on ebay. That is in direct opposition to what he wants and clearly, some of you insist on doing it anyway so just stop it already.

I think the way he's doing it now, limiting people to one of each item and you have to catch it when it's on his website is a fair way to sell them. That way, it doesn't really matter if you make $200k+ a year. ANYONE can buy the item they want and it's all about luck. You're trying to say it's more fair to have people have to pay a lot of money to buy something when it's actually more "fair" for people to have to catch them while they're on his website.

Man up and stop whining like a little girl about not being able to catch them on his website already. It is getting old.

Anonymous said...

"Peter wants regular, normal people to be able to buy his products at reasonable prices."

I'm sure he does

I don't have time to sit and check his website a dozen time a day. I wish I did.

-You make cool stuff Pete. Now it's being purchased by ebay profiteers and sold to your fans at an insulting markup. You work is worth the money... Money I think you should get! If I'm going to pay too much for one of your items I would rather the money go into your pocket and be turned into a larger stock of items. For now I just can't afford to purchase any of your stuff. It upsets me to know that some of your items are coveted by a few losers who I imagine won't dare scratch the tool (can it be called a tool if not used as such?) for fear it be worth less on ebay. Peace.