Monday, July 23, 2007


Dear Atwood Fans,

My webmaster is giving me a hard time about people running automatic software to check my site for updates. There have been a couple of people over the last few months who are significantly running up my bandwidth and transfer rates by checking my site once every minute. I'm asking you to please knock it off as it is a total pain in the ass to block these robots and it is wasting her time.

Let me be clear: We're talking about people running up 65,000 hits per week, not the folks checking 20 times per day. I appreciate the interest in my stuff and I know I'm having trouble keeping up with demand but you'd do better by emailing me every couple of days if you are that interested in obtaining an item. Thanks for your cooperation.

New items coming at the end of this week: Gasbabies, Hexbabies, talonite MSOPTHings, more ti mini keytons, Nothing will be released for the next three days as I am taking some time off for a family related activity.

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Jim W said...

Hi Peter,

I like your blog and the Atwood Knife & Tool web site. I only discovered it because Google Reader showed it to me because they linked to it through Cool Tools

Google may be part of your bandwidth problem, so you might want to have your webmaster check in with them and Cool Tools to see if they can consolidate their probes to lessen the impact of exposing you to the masses.

I would be very interested in owning a pry-thing ot two, but $75 for the Constellation is just out of my reach. But I understand these things don't make themselves, and maybe you have a few hours in each tool, so I'll wait for the next time I make a killing at a poker game or something. Love your stuff!

You can edit this comment, if you like - I really just wanted to reply to the webmaster!