Wednesday, May 10, 2023

BabySharks with Glow Dot

Hi Everyone,

Absolutely lovely week ahead with perfect temperatures and sunny skies. I will take advantage of it and do a few spring painting and touch up chores out on the deck this afternoon. I think last night was the last of the 30f temperatures so some pepper plants will be going into the ground this week too.

So I've decided to cut some steel over the next month and new Prybabies are on the menu. Also new Superbugs and a new Tiny Tim design. In addition, I will be cutting a new Wedgie design in both steel and a special super tough grade of titanium. And the puzzle piece project is proceeding as well in bronze, stainless, brass and zirconium. I also just got finished milling titanium Keytons, so those will be forthcoming in a week or two. So there are lots of cool projects are ahead for the summer and fall.   

Today I have a small batch of fixed blades for you. These BabySharks have a glow dot inlaid on the front side, and are stamped on the back side. Since these were heat treated well over a year ago the stamps are all of the slightly older variety, so no Bigfoots or dinosaurs in this group, but some great images nonetheless. A larger second group of these are coming shortly, but with gorgeous gemstone inlays rather than the glow dots.

BabySharks with glow dots will run $175 plus shipping and it is one per customer on them please. Thanks for checking in today, and hope your week is a pleasant one!

 Gone in a flash, thank you!


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