Thursday, February 11, 2021

Blue Delrin Magnums

Hi Everyone,

Well, after a relatively painless January we are now getting some proper New England winter weather this month. We've got about a foot of snow on the ground and it looks like another foot is coming our way as a couple of new storms are brewing over the next week. I'm glad I took a chance and bought an electric snow thrower this has performed better than I thought it would which was a rather pleasant surprise.

The projects are moving along slowly but surely. I just finished prepping out the Zr QuickDraws and those will be engraved soon. I'm almost done stamping up the ti Mini Superbugs so those will be coming very soon as well. Flat G5 Wruler tools are being engraved this week so are coming in a week or two. I did some preparation this week on the Zr MikroStiks and those are on deck for stamping after the Superbugs...I also just cut a batch of Zr Mini Superbugs. 

Still not much further progress on steel Mini Prybabies, but at least those have now all been milled and will be coming in the spring. I just sent out two small sheets of titanium that have been sitting in my garage for several years and those will now be turned into a small batch of ti Ringbabies. And I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, so I'm in the middle of developing some brand new ideas for later this year...

Today I have a big batch of Magnum 5 flute beads for you. These are made of Royal Blue Delrin, which is an unusual color and quite difficult to get. Generally Delrin in only readily available in black or white, so getting some different colors was a major score. These have a single Atwood stamp on them.

Blue Delrin Magnums will run $25 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by as always. Hope you all are staying positive and testing negative! 

All gone, thank you everyone!


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