Thursday, May 07, 2020

Titanium QuickDraws!

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's pretty darned chilly out there again this morning. It was a rather frosty 34f when I looked at the thermometer earlier, and we'll be lucky if we make it to 60f today. Much to my horror and disgust, they are even calling for a chance of snow on Saturday and the high will only be 45f...this is totally nuts! I'm really looking forward to some warmer days but it looks like we are in for at least another week of this. Good time to do some sales...

For many years I have thought about making some sort of little drawing tool. In this age of digital design, there is still something very cool, dare I say refreshing, about taking a pencil to paper and making an actual mark rather than simply pushing pixels around on a screen. Modern technology is certainly wonderful in many ways, but I think there is still tremendous value in maintaining that connection with our ancient and simpler selves. The current Covid Crisis is making that even more apparent. No matter where it all takes us, or how fancy it all gets, using physical tools and making things by hand will always have their place. And it's an important human place that I believe is worth visiting every day.

Today I have a simple little drawing tool for you. I wanted something durable that I could have in my wallet and use as a quick reference for the angles 30, 60 and 90 degrees. I wanted a pencil slot so I could make a 45 degree angle mark. I also wanted two small measuring scales, and for an attachment hole a 1/4 hex was the obvious choice. The result is the QuickDraw!

Made of thin .076 titanium, these tiny tools are very light of course, but there is still enough there to have some substance. I have multi anodized most of them with bright contrasting colors, although there are a dozen plain ones available too. They are all stamped and have my usual wide variety of images...this first batch is titanium but I may make some with other materials in the future, we'll see how it goes.

Titanium QuickDraws will run $55 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by today, hope you all are staying healthy, sane and handy in these crazy times!

All gone for now, thank you so much folks! :)

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