Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Titanium 3 Rib Magnum Beads

Hi Everyone,

Brrr...it is freezing cold out there this morning, in the single digits F. Looks like it will warm up a bit in a couple of days though.

Well I'm back already with another fresh batch of goodies. For quite some time I've been aching to revisit the old ribbed bead designs from years ago. I finally got a chance to make a few this past fall but didn't have time to finish them up before the holidays. That's the great thing about playoff football though, because it's the perfect time to tie some lanyard strings, in between enjoying some beers and hitting mute on the remote every two minutes when the darned commercials come on. But I digress...

The new Titanium 3 Rib beads borrow from the old ribbed whistle design, but with slightly tapered ends, and they have a great sleek look to them. These are 5/8" diameter, so I would consider these to be Magnum sized beads. I will no doubt be looking into a 1/2" diameter batch at some point but this is a nice starting point for a new series. They have a smooth, bright tumbled finish, without anodizing, and feel great in the hand.

The Ti 3 Rib Magnum beads will run $35 each plus shipping, and there is no quantity limit on them. Thanks for stopping by and hope your week is going great!
Plain ones are gone, thank you so much everyone!

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