Friday, October 26, 2018


Hi Everyone,

Well, fall is finally in full swing here and we've had a couple of frosts this past week. The leaves are very late this year and were kind of lackluster in color for much of October, but we're finally seeing some bright reds and yellows. I envision a bunch of raking in my near future!

The projects continue to roll along. I'm almost done with the first round of the new Count Sporkulas and should have those coming maybe late next week. A second version is also nearly done. Bronze Magnum 5 flutes are just done turning and so those will be coming on soon, as well as some stainless Mini 5 flutes. And E115 tools are due back from heat treat any day now, so those will be coming up next week.

Today I have the first round of PermaCorks done. Oh man, these came out so nice...solid 303 stainless steel with a great heft to them, they weigh in at a whopping 2.8 ounces! The rifle knurling is crisp and the slightly conical top adds some sweet visual interest. These little gems will literally last forever....and they will fit most wine, beer and spirit bottles. I have tested quite a few, and so far I have found only one oddball 22 oz bomber beer bottle that was slightly too narrow. But these will fit 99% of standard bottles and to be honest I was quite surprised to discover just how uniform most bottles are.

Use the PermaCorks to dress up your fine whiskey collection or cap off that half bottle of wine. They are great for keeping bugs out of your beer at a picnic, avoid spilling your beer, and you will have no trouble identifying which beer is yours at a party. These will make great gifts as well. 

I tested a few different o-rings and decided that silicone provides the best combination of tightness and lubricity, and they are foodsafe of course. I do recommend an occasional light application of olive or similar cooking oil if the corks seem too tight. Just dab it on and then wipe off as needed, and that will be enough to give them a nice smooth action and perfect seal.

The PermaCorks will run $45 each plus shipping and since the batch is large there is no limit on this sale. I may make more before the holidays too if there is a strong response to them, so plenty are coming. Thanks again for dropping by today and hope you all are enjoying the World Series this weekend!

All gone for today, thank you so much everyone!

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