Friday, April 20, 2018

Fancy Titanium BedBugs

Hi Folks,

Well, it's another below freezing morning up here in "paradise"! Will Spring ever arrive? Apparently next week we'll see some warmer days (and maybe even some days without snow flurries!) but we are all a bit skeptical until we see it for ourselves.

Things are starting to move along a little bit at last. I'll be getting some tools ready for heat treat next week but will also mix in some sale days hopefully. I'm not sure yet how it will go, but things are finally starting to fall into place and I should be getting quite busy this spring.

Today I have the other half of the Titanium BedBug batch ready to go. I spent a few days on these tools giving them plenty of extra grinds and also stamps, so they are much more ornate than the previous release. The grinds and stamps vary tremendously so there is everything from pure A51 style to some crazier asymmetrical looks. Fun stuff and many cool combinations!

The fancy ti BedBugs will run $70 plus shipping and the link to purchase is just above the pictures  below. There are some lefties available too. As always thanks for stopping by and here's hoping you have a great weekend everyone!

Sold out, thank you so much folks!


Peter Atwood said...

Newbs: If you don't see a link there it means that the sale batch from today is sold out. You can always drop me an email though and see if there are extras as there are usually a few stragglers from every batch that are still in the shop awaiting me to finish them. Often they are the ones that had a tiny scratch or mark so I touched them up and threw them back in the tumblers or whatever else needed to be done. Over the days and weeks following the sales I will usually get them all done. So is that clear enough guys or do I need to spell it out further, LOL? Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter, they look excellent. Hoping you get to experience some spring soon!

Unknown said...

Hey Peter! I am so psyched that I scored this today. Do you maybe have a "special leaf" stamped one for me in honor of 4/20 today?

Mark R

Unknown said...

My first real purchase ever from Peters drop! Can't wait to get this in hand.

I'm REALLY waiting on the new Crawdaddy to deop though! PETER.... if there ever was an advocate and spokesman for the true usefullnwss and awesomeness of the Crawdaddy..... it's THIS GUY 😁. Eagerly waiting on these sir😇