Saturday, January 12, 2013

And 4 More!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the SUSale rules clearly state that winners have 24 hours to respond with their payment. I had four people who did not contact me and I even gave them extra time until this unfortunately for them they are going to lose out and instead four other folks will get a chance. Here are the 4 alternate winners:

507  Secret Santa
890  Emfd
914  raymond
1036 afrankart

I'll send out emails now. Thanks again my friends and have a great weekend! :)


Unknown said...

congrats guys

Unknown said...

With a little luck another one won't come through and my number will be drawn!? Ha well hopefully you'll get it all squared away with no more fuss Peter. Thanks for all the cool pieces that you've created sir.

Leo Bloom said...


Unknown said...

Congrats guys! Love seeing Andy get in on such a cool Atwood!

Zag96 said...

Hey Peter, it's been quiiet for a while so I'd thought I'd ask a question I've had for a bit. Any suggestions on the best method to sharpen my EDK? It has been getting a bunch of use by my wife (yay, I've had her an Atwood fan!) so it is about ready for some touching up. Thanks!

Peter Atwood said...

I would try a knife steel first then the Spyderco Sharpmaker for home sharpening.

Scott Hopkins MD DC said...

I hope u are staying warm this weekend. Anyway I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work. I find myself admiring every curve and ridge like someone would admire a painting. I really enjoyed when your would post drawings of your ideas do give us some insight and wet our appetites. Last year you asked us what we tool we would like you to revisit, which was nice as well. Enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

Any word if you'll be doing any more of these? Such a cool product