Wednesday, January 03, 2007

International Orders...

I hate to do it but I'm just getting hammered with lost orders overseas. So my new policy this year is anything over $35 is going to be going Global Express mail for a cost of approximately $25-30. At least it has tracking. It sucks for me because it's a major pain in the ass with the paperwork and it sucks for you guys who are overseas because it's pretty expensive. But the reality is I can't go on losing larger orders and then having to replace them particularly when they are for one of a kind items.

It is frustrating but this is how it has to be. Why the postal service can't get a small envelope there is beyond me. Maybe they are getting stolen by customs or unscrupulous postal workers or maybe a couple of customers have been lying to me and actually got the stuff (I kind of doubt it but who knows). Anyway, it is an unhappy situation and I'm sick of it.

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Peter Atwood said...

Sweden, Germany, Singapore and Australia. Interestingly everything addressed to Italy made it there without a hitch... :D