Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wave of G2 Gasbabies

Hi folks,

I have a couple dozen of G2 Mini Gasbabies available. These tools have a nice bright stonewashed finish on them, not the gray bead blast shown in the picture below. This will be the last batch of them for this year.

Sold out, thank you folks! :)


Auto Nut said...

OK so these have been available for a long time which means either:

1. Everyone in the world owns one


2. A zombie apocalypse has taken place and I am the only one left alive.

Anonymous said...

I scored one! Hooray!

BSears said...

dangit! i miss this morning's post and look what happens - gasbabies for sale and i miss out. now, back to the hunt for the ever elusive MSOP or whatever else is grazing in peter's storehouse of goodies!

Unknown said...

I saw them this morning, my mouse was hovering over the button... but I just never have to adjust gas valves! More power to someone who can use it well.