Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Going Forward

A few weeks ago it became apparent that my traffic was out of control on my site so I decided to announce releases via the blog so people could hammer on blogger instead of atwoodknives.com. Also, that way they could set up the notification methods associated with blogs and stop running robots and quit with the obsessive page refreshing.

Now some people are thinking that everything will be released via the lottery system. While that remains to be seen I was envisioning this primarily as a fair method of releasing small batches and one of a kind pieces, not batches of fifty or a hundred.

Right now I'm sticking with my previous game plan and I will be releasing larger batches via blogger with a link to a page on my site. Right now I am in between large batches and unless I get to work on the next one this week I expect it's going to be at least two weeks or more before we see the next major release.

In the past, there would be no activity whatsoever while I was grinding the next batch. I figure that with the lottery method at least there will be a trickle of stuff coming out on a more or less daily basis. And it will be more of the fun stuff that I have not been able to figure out how to post without getting fifty emails for one object and then having to decide who gets it. This way it is fair rather than subjective. Only those that actually want the item up for consideration will sign up for it so I think it makes a lot of sense.


Mark said...

Peter, I personally think the lottery is a great idea - and I think it's a fair way to handle your releases whether in tiny quantities like some in the experiment or larger releases of "batch" built tools.

Takes some of the drama out of the situation, and frankly I think that it's sorta fun to boot. Ultimately, all the hand-wringing from the followers about the process of the sale is and should be secondary to the creation of useful tools.

In all, your buyers will buy using whatever process is easiest and most straightforward for you to administer. I think the vast majority would agree that they should support whatever method helps keep this whole thing both enjoyable and sustainable/profitable for you. Human beings gotta come first... ;)

John said...


I think the idea is a great idea.

So long as you are willing to invest the extra time on your part to deal with the lottery system for just a few one-off items, I think the rest of us should be pretty damn grateful for you being willing to do so!

John A.
Eureka California.

Peter Atwood said...

Bingo! :)

Anonymous said...


This is fantastic. It satisfies your fan base on many levels and provides for maximum opportunity for all.

I for one simply enjoy the updates so this will scratch that itch as well and allow for the potential for scoring a tool or two.

By the way, the museum is darn cool too. The only thing missing would be videos, because of course you have so much time to spare for that as it is :)

New Market MD

(I like John A.'s signoff. kinda cool to see where people in the comments hail from.)

deadzone6905 said...

sounds good peter keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I personally love the lottery. I hated feeling like I had to stay by the computer all day every day just to get Peter's stuff. Then, after I got busy for a few hours, I'd find I had missed the items.

With the lottery, I feel like I had the same chance as everyone else. I haven't won yet, but it's the fairest way to pick hands out of a crowd of people all yelling, "ME! PICK ME!!"

Peter, if you think the number of pieces in your big runs will satisfy most of your fans, fine. But if there are more fans than items, I'd love to see the lottery become the normal way to get your stuff. Just my two cents...

BSR in Denver

s4biturbo said...

really liking this new idea Peter, can't wait to get in on one of the lotteries!!


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Peter great idea! Looking forward to some "one off's"

Weston, FL

Anonymous said...

Like said repeatedly already, I think you should do what is easiest for you. It is your business after all. I was doing very well under the old system and when you started posting available tools on your blog. But I still had a little resentment when people would post new accusations directly from you on one of the forums (like a recent post of a booger and ring things before they were made available to the general public). Logically I have always thought that you should be able to sell how ever you wanted and those people probably are long standing customers. Still though the gut feeling was I was upset I didn't have a chance to purchase them.

Anonymous said...

"Still though the gut feeling was I was upset I didn't have a chance to purchase them."

Isn't this just a bit childish?

Lighten up man, tools will keep on coming.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. Especially if I get a legit chance to score a DLC SOPThing! The way it was going with the main site, I didn't think I'd ever get another one of your pieces, and it wouldn't be due to lack of desire. The secondary market with a 20-30% mark-up was appearing to be the Atwood reality.

iconoclast said...

I like the combo of mad rush and lottery releases. Something for almost anyone.
I'm really glad you found a way to handle the one-offs and other small quantity items. They're often the most interesting. And it gives us something to fret over between mad-rush releases. :)

So, one-offs and other very small runs get the lottery. Batches of fifty to a hundred get the stampede type release. Have you figured out yet where the line between the two is? I mean, if you had say, ~ 20-ish DLC boogers for example. Would that be more likely to be a lottery or a stampede? Just curious.

DB said...

I think this is a great system, Peter. We don't have to wait weeks for activity on your site while you grind away on the big batches, and we're getting to see some really fun stuff come out of hiding in the mean time.