Thursday, January 17, 2019

Titanium MiniBars

Hi Folks,

We're heading into a cold and snowy weekend by the looks of it. So far this year we've managed to avoid any significant snow but now it looks like we're due for a foot or more. It's always nice for a day or two, but then the darn stuff tends to hang around and wear out it's welcome, lol...

I'm finally finishing up several more projects this week. I have a small batch of special 5 Flute Magnums coming, some HAIII PermaCorks with new 6 flute design and guitar picks. Currently I'm also trying to get something going for the kitchen! Two new nifty products are under development in that regard, more info on those in the weeks ahead and I think you all are going to really dig them. And a little mysterious "monster" project is also in the works. Eventually I'll even get back to grinding steel but I can only do so much at once here.

Today I have the first run of MiniBar tools done. These are 5/32 thick titanium, so not too thick yet still quite robust and easy to carry on the keys. They are 3 inches long which is a perfect size for a mini tool. Features include a 7/16 hex wrench and broad pry tip with V notch and deep side scallops. They are all stamped and I have contrast anodized this whole batch with a wide variety of color combinations...a steel version is also on the bench and will be coming in a few weeks.

The ti Mini Bars will run $70 plus shipping and it's a very modest size batch so one per customer please. The link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping in today as always and hope you have a great weekend ahead.

Sold Out, thank you!

Further note: Just so you know, portions of your purchase today have already gone to several teachers across the country whose classrooms were in need of help... Scientific calculators were purchased for one Native American classroom in New Mexico, and several others in various states received books for their students in order to encourage reading. Those kind teachers already thanked me, but that thanks also extends to you. Check them out at

Monday, January 07, 2019

Black HAIII PermaCorks

Happy 2019 Everyone! I hope your holidays were terrific.

Well I finally got done with all my end of year paperwork, inventory, taxes, etc. That's my least favorite part of working for myself and I never fail to underestimate how much time and energy it will take. But I'm past all that now and looking forward to getting new projects fired up again. There is much to come this winter and I have been slowly picking away at stuff over the past two weeks.

One fun project underway and coming up this month will be titanium guitar picks. I have taken up guitar this past fall and although still a beginner I could not help but play with some experimental designs for picks. I have three different super nifty shapes on the way shortly...

Also in the hopper are some fun new titanium Mini Pry Bars which are very close to finished. And, a steel version of those same Mini Bars is halfway done and on the bench right now so those will be heading to heat treat in a week or so. On the bench as well are new steel Mini Prybabies but I don't anticipate getting them finished for a month or more probably. Lots of other goodies are on the way too, some quite unexpected new drawings and concepts I think, so please stay tuned.

Today I finally have the black hard anodized aluminum PermaCorks done. I had wanted to release these right after Christmas but my supplier ran out of the proper size o-rings and it took forever to get them because of the holidays. Anyhow, finally they are finished and ready to go...a second newly designed PermaCork in AL will follow these and they will be on the way very soon too.

The Black HAIII PermaCorks will run $40 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by today and best wishes to everyone for a fantastic year ahead!

These are gone, thank you so much everyone!