Saturday, October 04, 2008

Atwrench Winners Are:

Alright, no duplicates this time, 138 entries, wow. You guys must like my stuff is all I can say. :D

BTW, I reviewed the post and went back to my site to check on the price. I had it wrong, the Atwrenches with the tiki grinds and glow dots with no v notch are listed at $70 plus shipping on my site and that's what we'll go with here.

Lucky numbers are:


Thanks very much guys! :) I'll send emails out in a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, gang!

And thanks, Peter -- this is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner!

Carl said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Just another thought, Peter, this format could let you indulge your desire to experiment, not just empty out existing odds and ends from the shop -- if you make just a couple of some new design, keep one for your archives, and put any others up on the site lottery-style. People will get access to some very unique pieces (with less hard feelings about people not having had a chance), and you can move on to the next idea (rinse/repeat) until you hit a particular variation you want to make (and feel comfortable making) fifty or a hundred of -- you might even be able to gauge the interest in a particular design by how much response a given lottery gets. You could stamp "Atwood Prototype" or "Atwood Beta" on them, so even if the design ends up being the next Atwrench/Prybaby/Keyton/etc., those first one or two will be extra special.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the WINNERS
And Thank You to Peter for making this ALOT more fun and interesting
for everyone.Lotteries are a Blast!!!

Robert D. said...

Ditto what Carl just said.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound ignorant (Though I guess I am... ;) But, How does one respond or send to a message that they would like to be included in the lottery for the next tool or knife?

Peter Atwood said...

There are no stupid questions. :)

I will be posting another lottery pretty soon, trying to decide what to put up next. When I post the next item you can sign up then. Once the lottery ends then the sign up goes away. People have to re-sign up for each item that will be offered this way. I can't do a permanent sign up because you might now want every single item that I post.

Peter Atwood said...

I should add that most of these will have a sign up window of at least a few hours so that plenty of time is available for folks to check the blog during their busy days.

Anonymous said...


what about a definite 24 hour window to sign up on a given lottery? IMHO that's a reasonable time frame and allows international buyers to sign up too. Europe f.e. is a couple of hours ahead, so if you post items late afternoon it's night over here already.
And if every lottery got the same, easily to remember window of opportunity nobody should get hard feelings by missing his chance to sign up. Just drop in once a day and you are good.

Anonymous said...

Cool Peter. I think the Lotto you did is a perfect way to give people a fair chance at your goodies. I look foreward to seeing more. This system really limits any potential anger or hard feelings when someone doesnt get what they want.

Anonymous said...

or hell just have a month long or longer sign up that way you can have as many assholes as possible sign up so that each individual has the lowest chance possible of "winning". great idea.

Carl said...

(sigh) Anyone else notice how the whiniest, most bitter, comments come from people not brave enough to sign a name to their words?

Anonymous said...

Without winning an option to buy either of the first two trial runs, I give two thumbs up for this new approach...

We owe Peter a serious debt of gratitude for both both producing finely crafted hand-made tools, snd for working hard to find a way to fairly distribute the finished goodies.

The huge number of competing collectors on both registration lists is quite a testimeent to Peter's designs and craftsmanship!

Anonymous said...

HOW DO I GET A NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think this lottery system is great. It is so much more fun than constantly checking the site to see that either nothing has changed or, Im an hour late.

Thank you for what you do Mr. Atwood!

Anonymous said...

yeah because its so much better to check the site and seeing either nothing changed or your number wasn't drawn

at least with the other way there is some amount of dedication required to get something now all you people that are too lazy or don't make time to check the site are being rewarded for that

Unknown said...

Hey anonymous, here's a site you should check:

Anonymous said...

Do we sign up for Peter's lotteries via email, or only on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you sir (or maam) are a goof.

Yes, yes too lazy to check a web page every five minutes. Ah yes, I think something about a job and working for a living was mentioned. Oh yes and kids too.

Dedication is what Peter does; you are simply an intarwebtubes peeping tom with your sitting around in your smoking jacket and link clicking page refreshing shenanigans.

Seriously, you are beclowning yourself.

Anonymous said...

you must be one of the lazy ones I was talking about if my comments bothered you so. nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this has already been asked and answered, but is there a mechanism to stop people from multiple entries? Maybe check IP addresses or something. I realize these can be faked, but at least it would be a little harder to fake. I like this system as long as everyone is indeed held to one entry.

Anonymous said...



Thanks for proving my point. Someone certainly thinks very highly of themself.

Tell you what. If you're the epitome of dedication and skill, why not start your own toolmaking business and run it how you see fit. Talk about lazy. Now get to work and satisfy the every whim of perfect strangers. Particularly the ones who criticize you the most. chop chop.

yeah, thats what I thought.