Friday, October 17, 2008

Patterned DLC G3 Prybaby Lottery

Happy Friday Everyone!

OK, I have finished five more DLC coated pieces. These have subtle background patterns underneath the DLC coating and there are four different patterns available. I have one Chainlink, one Bubbles, one Jungle and two with Termite patterning. All have a glow dot as well. I'm very happy with the way these turned out. :)

The five winners will be drawn at random and first dibs will be given to each winner in the order in which they are drawn. First winner gets first choice, second gets choice of the remaining pieces, etc.

Please note the Atwood Lottery Rules, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON and ONE ENTRY PER ADDRESS. If I see duplicate entries they will be discarded. It wasn't exactly clear before so I'm clarifying it now.

These will be $80 each plus $6 shipping for US customers, $12 shipping for international.

Lottery has ended.

Lottery Entry List






iokua said...

Well, I am entry number 4. The lottery can be closed after one more entree :-P. Come on, it's my b-day :-).

Seriously though, I've been trying to get a lefty but these are amazing. Great work.

DB said...

Simply awesome!

Unknown said...

Entry #34: great work!

Rick said...

Am I dreaming? If so, don't wake me up!

myoho said... these are really pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work Peter...

DLC G3 Patterned Prybabay from Peter - $80 dollars

DLC G3 Patterned Prybaby on ebay - $bazillion dollars

Getting a chance to purchase one - priceless

Thanks Peter!

Mike said...

Those look awesome, thanks for a chance.

Benjamin said...

@db: Nice pic. what did you do to your ringthing?

YL said...

nice work!
c'mon 190!

jeffam said...

wow those look nic

DB said...

@ benjamin;

Thanks! I modded it by adding two tritium tubes to it.

Unknown said...

Over 300 entrants to this lottery. That's a record I think...