Monday, October 14, 2019

Titanium Wring Tool Version 2

Hi Everyone,

Well we're finally in full on leaf season up here and the color is spectacular. Pretty soon it will be time to start raking, drain the hoses, clean up the garden and to give the lawn a final mowing for the season. I'm enjoying the last few precious days of warm's hard to believe how fast time is flying by lately.

Project Updates:

I just finished prepping and stamping the steel MikroStiks and they will be heading out for heat treat soon. They're so tiny that I want to add another small batch of tools to them so that there is a good sized batch of stuff to send at other news, I'm about halfway done with grinding and stamping a huge batch of steel Atwrenches. The nifty new titanium TightWads are super close to finished and will be coming up very shortly. Metric Mini Prybaby 19s in steel are still on the bench awaiting grinding so they are still a ways off. Some thick ti Tommyknockers in armor plate are on the bench and just need finish grinding before final finishing steps. A new Superbug design in steel called the PopWroach is on the drawing board and they were just cut yesterday, so those will be coming sometime in the winter. A small sheet of Zr just arrived to make into Zr MikroStiks sometime in the next few months. The Zr Hangman v1.5 hooks are ready for stamping and are sitting on the bench so are not too far away from completion. A small batch of older rough cut Wrunt tools are milled and just need final grinding and stamps before heading to heat treat along with the MikroStiks. More beads are on the way and actually are done now and just waiting for me to get to the sale. There are at least a half dozen other projects also underway, so the next 6 months will certainly not be dull, and all I really need is 3 hands and 10 more hours in every day, lol...we'll get there eventually though and I keep telling myself that it is not a race.

Today I have Version 2 of the new Wring Tools done. These are made of the same tough upcycled titanium armor plate material from the Dept of Defense. This design, aka The Tick, combines the best functions of the Chigger and the original Ring tools into one tiny tool. The features include a 5/16 wrench, cap lifter, flat screwdriver/pry tip. The finger opening is once again 13/16 on these, but a small batch of 3/4" sized ones will be ready very soon.

This Wring Tool batch has a plain finish once again, but I have added stamps. A second wave of these stamped ones is waiting in the wings and those will have color anodizing as well. Today I just have plain ones done however...

The Stamped Version 2 Wring Tools will run $60 plus shipping and the pp button is below. Limit of one per customer please! Thanks for dropping by as always and I hope you guys are enjoying the cooler weather and are getting out for some fall activities.

Plain ones are all gone, thank you so much!

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