Friday, December 06, 2019

Raw Bar A51 Atwrenches

Hi Everyone,

Well we got a pretty good snow storm here over the weekend, around 15 inches or so I reckon. It will be interesting to see if this is a very snowy winter or not.

I've been finishing some stuff up this week and will have several batches of items coming up over the next week. Twisted Tims are very unusual and not to be missed. BagBoy clips are done as well. I have 3/4" Wring Tools with stamps finished, and there are some cool beads ahead too.

Today I have the remaining CPM 154 Steel Atwrenches done. These have a light raw bar finish and Area 51 grinds. No stamps on these, but there are a pair of lefties in the group. The batch is very small, less than 4 dozen total, so one per customer please.

Raw Bar A51 Atwrenches will run $70 plus shipping and the button is below. Thanks for swinging by today and stay warm this weekend!

Gone in a flash, thank you! If anyone wants to email me however, there are a small handful left from the two previous batches...

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