Thursday, September 12, 2019

Six Flute Titanium Megas

Hi Everyone,

Well it's a lovely week here in Massachusetts. The mornings are a bit crisp now and it takes a few hours to burn off the dew on the lawn. We're trying to get out every day for a brisk walk while it's still shorts and t-shirt weather, but something tells me it won't be long until long sleeves become necessary. 

I've been busy this week moving existing projects forward and also fiddling with some new drawings. Taking some time off this summer has really paid off as some very interesting new ideas have been coming to mind. Hopefully at least some will pan out.

Today I have some titanium 6 Flute Mega beads done. These have a plain finish and are roughly half of the total batch. I will anodize the rest soon, but today it's just the plain ones. These have deeply milled flutes and narrow fins which make for a very grippy shape. The finish is buttery smooth. Great for zipper pulls and for making into lanyards for tools.

The 6 Flute Megas will run $30 plus shipping and the link is below. Thank you for dropping by today, and I hope your upcoming weekend is excellent!

All gone for now, thank you so much!

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