Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Steel Wrants

Hi Everyone,

It's another bright and sunny morning out there today. Temps will be going down slowly this week but it looks like Thanksgiving will be a reasonable day here weather wise. They are calling for about six inches of white stuff on Sunday night though, so winter is definitely on the way.

The tool train is still rolling today. This is a batch of Mini Wrunts (The Wrant) that I had cut years ago at the same time as the rough cut Mini Shiners that I released a few months ago. This batch of tools had the same rough cut and so I set them aside for a couple of years. Recently I went through and salvaged a small group of the better ones and that is what is on the menu today. The steel is CPM 154 and they have a pry tip and SAE wrench set. No extra grinds but they are all stamped, and unfortunately no lefties in this batch.

Steel Wrants will run $60 plus shipping, one per customer please. Thanks for dropping by and hope you all have a terrific Thanksgiving holiday!

Wrants are sold out, thanks again everyone!


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