Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Titanium TightWads!

Hi Folks,

A heavy storm last week knocked out our power and brought down a lot of the leaves, so that's mostly the end of the brightest colors for the year. I just raked up a big old pile into the compost this morning. The fall season always seems to be a lot shorter than I think it will be and the warm days will be behind us soon.

Steel MikroStiks are off to heat treat as are a small batch of rough cut steel Wrunts that were cut at the same time as the rough cut Mini Shiners from a few months ago. And steel Atwrenches have all ground as of yesterday and all I have left on those is stamping and final tumble before they too can go out for heat treat. 

Today I have some of the new TightWads done. These were cut several years ago and I had stuck them on the shelf until I decided how I wanted to finish them. They are made of titanium, but the plain finish of the flat titanium stock wasn't thrilling me, and I dithered around for a couple of years on what I wanted to do to make them more interesting. Finally, this summer, I decided to mill the surface and create a pattern. I originally thought that a standard engine turned effect would be cool but after playing around with it settled on a much deeper cut with a different type of overlap. The result is quite spectacular...a deeply milled texture that catches the light in different ways and feels very nice in the hand. It looks gorgeous with a plain finish and even more dramatic with anodizing effects.

The TightWads have been tumbled extensively, followed by a bunch of hand buffing to create a final satin finish. Sized to hold a stack of credit cards and some cash, they will appeal to those who prefer a minimalist front pocket style wallet. The wide silicone bands are deeply embossed with "TightWad" on one side and "Planet Pocket Tool" on the other. There is a wide and varied range of cool colors in the bands and I will include two different ones with each tool so you can mix and match....this batch of TightWads is all plain without color, but a smaller batch with wild anodizing will also be coming soon.

Plain Finish Titanium TightWads will run $65 plus shipping and the Buy Now button is below, no quantity limit on them. Thank you for dropping by today, as always, and I hope your week is going great!

These are gone for today. More coming soon! Thanks so much. :)



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