Saturday, September 03, 2011

The List

Once again, thank you everyone for such a big turnout! Here are the randomly picked numbers...emails going out to them right now. Thanks again and hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.

1 rasi
35 CW
36 thanny
56 L0mein
80 arem
109 Munkey6901
169 Lila Bean
206 NeverWin
236 Bigfatporkchop
243 pk
249 nbmaine
256 colindn
296 rg
338 tique
365 Bloodline
385 robho


Kenji said...

Holly Crap I Won! Thanks Peter for doing these exciting sign up sales.

CW said...

UHHHHH Jumpin up & Down:) Thanks Peter, You da man!

Nate said...

Nice. My first SUS win!

Munkey6901 said...

Wow, my first Atwood tool! Thanks Peter for the sale, I can't wait to see it! Now I need another Lanslide to put on it.

digital66 said...

Congrats to the winners! You are going to love them!

Shado said...

Congrats to all the winners, these look great!

Trunkmonkey said...

Congrats to the winners! If anyone backs out, please let me know!

SA said...

I wish you'd go back to the regular sales. I never, ever get picked on these.

retrosurfer1959 said...

congrats all looks like neverwin has to change there name now though.

arem said...

Woo hoo!! So psyched right now! Peter, not that it matters but you never said, are these steel or titanium?

QVolve said...

Never give up hope SA!

I personally like these limited run lotteries. It takes some of the work load off of Peter, and gives us a little competition without having to live on minute-to-minute updates of the site.

I've never won one either, but its still fun to be a part of!

David said...

Didn't win this time but was more fun than just seeing "Sorry, Sold Out".

cobra4246 said...

Congrats to the winners!
Maybe next time for me!!!!!