Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, Onward and Upward

Things settled down here and I'm back to work today. More goodies coming later this week! :)


HighSpeedTROUBLE said...

I want a shotglass, Sir. :-)

My boss at work keeps telling me I'm drinking the Kool-Aid because I want to migrate everyone to Vista. So he's going to keel over when I show him what I'll be drinking the Kool-Aid from. hehehe

QQW said...

Good to know that thing are OK. -Joe

SK Dora said...

Happy that things settle down!

Thrilled to know that "More goodies coming later this week"

Unknown said...

I am glad that things have settled down for you.

I can't wait to see the new goodies.

Jem said...

Well - 'its later this week" ???????