Monday, May 07, 2007

Micro Card Knives

A recent batch of Micro Card knives that I'm finishing up now. I've made some neat little leather sheaths for these. Kind of exploring alternatives to kydex which I pretty much hate. The fumes from heating that stuff are nasty and can't be good for you and the potential for scratches on the knife has always bugged me.

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Unknown said...

Oooooooh!!!! Leather sheaths!!!!!
I LOVE it! I'm with you about Kydex... I'm not a big fan of seeing the scratch/rub marks from em (and I didn't know how noxious it is ugh) I toss all my kydex sheaths into a box in the corner of the room heh

How about kydex & leather? A small thin layer of leather inside the kydex sheath just for that lil bit of extra protection/softness on the inside.