Monday, May 14, 2007

More News on the Postal Front

OK, here's the scoop as far as I can tell...domestic postage has gone up just a little bit for most of the packages I am sending. In most cases it is not a big deal. International though is a whole other ball game.

For basic orders less than $50 I can ship flat rate Priority mail for about $11 to most countries. This is now the cheapest option unfortunately. No tracking is available however and if someone wants to risk shipping this way they are taking responsibility if the package is lost or stolen in transit.

For orders over $50 I think Express Mail International is the safest way to go. The rates vary from country to country but is about $25 and it offers tracking.

Certain countries such as Italy I'm not sure about yet. So please email me to confirm and I will try in the meantime to figure out a way to set up my site for international ordering.

Thanks for your patience!


SK Dora said...

Any more info on the new postal costs for shipment to Italy? For example for the prybaby XL?
best regards

Peter Atwood said...

Hey, I checked and it would be $11 to Europe for uninsured untrackable Priority Mail flat rate. More for shipping with tracking, varies by country, I think it was $25 to Italy.