Saturday, May 19, 2007

Prybabies and Prybaby XLs Back in Stock

Just got a bunch of Prybabies done today. I have several dozen of the full sized XL version as well as a dozen or so of the regular ones. These all have the thumb scallops this time. Usually I only do them on the XLs but I thought it would be nice to add soem to the regular Prybabies as well for a little variation. This particular batch is monster thick, nearly 3/16" and is in CPM154. Will have a few "special" ones as well in a couple of days... :P

Still waiting on whistles.


Unknown said...

Oh yeah, Peter. I've ordered my CPM 154 prybabies and I will surely keep my eye on the "special" ones.

SK Dora said...

me too!!!